15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (2022)

Summer is (sort of) almost halfway there, but there are still big food events on the horizon, whether you’re gearing up for Labor Day or filling out your holiday meal list for the season. We spend a lot of time testing cooking and cooking equipment to help prepare you for your most daunting cooking experiences, and some of the best products we’ve ever tested come from Zwilling. The brand is home to a wide range of kitchen products, as well as its exclusive brands including Staub, Henckels, etc.

Zwilling is currently offering discounts on many of the top rated items listed below, so if you’ve had your eye on our favorite dutch oven or favorite chef’s knife for a while now, now’s a great time to shop.

1. The best chef’s knife we’ve ever tried

As with any hobby or artistic pursuit, having the right tools for the job is a crucial part of success. Chef’s knives are one of the most crucial kitchen staples, allowing the user to chop, dice, mince and slice as desired. Having a chef’s knife you can rely on in the kitchen will help improve your cooking over time, which is why we recommend the Zwilling Pro 8-inch Chef’s Knife.

Made by JA Henckels, the Henckels Zwilling Pro knife is our most popular chef’s knife, with a durable design and a well-balanced blade for controlled cuts. Even better? Right now, the Zwilling Pro Chef’s Knife is on sale for $160, saving you $40 on a fantastic kitchen tool.

$160 at Zwilling

2. Our favorite dutch oven

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (1)

When we test Dutch ovens, we look for durable designs that can last, with an emphasis on versatility. The Staub Round Casserole Oven beat out the rest of the Dutch ovens we tested with its oven-friendly shape, easy-to-clean cast-iron surface, and intuitive design. Staub’s entire Dutch oven collection and cookware range is available from Zwilling, but if you’re looking for a durable staple that will allow you to cook everything from soup to sourdough, the round casserole oven would make a great addition. to your kitchen.

$350 at Zwilling

3. A premium cast iron skillet with an enamel finish

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (2)

(Video) Best Kitchen Knife Sets In 2022 [Buying Guide By Experts Chef]

When we test cast iron skillets, we look for long lasting heat retention and durable design. The Staub Enameled Cast Iron Skillet ranked extremely high in our Best Cast Iron Skillet rankings and won the accolade of being the best enameled cast iron skillet we’ve tried thanks to its maneuverability and helpful pouring spout. It’s also dishwasher safe, so if you’re looking for a low-maintenance option, this might be right for your kitchen.

$220 at Zwilling

4. A kitchen scale to improve your pastries

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (3)

Accurate measurements are extremely important in the kitchen, especially if you’re a baker – a kitchen scale can help. The Zwilling kitchen scale is available in four different colors and designed with a clean and elegant design. We reviewed it and our reviewer noted that it was “perhaps the most beautiful” of all the ladders we’ve ever tried. The scale also measures in ounces or grams, so you won’t be confused by different measurement systems.

$50 at Zwilling

5. A ceramic hob

Casseroles, desserts, roasts – whatever you serve at Thanksgiving, really, this baking tray can handle it. The Staub range of ceramic cookware is one of our favourites, ranking among the best cookware thanks to its easy-grip handles, boiler-proof design and classic look. Reviewers were also impressed with its high-quality feel and finish.

$80 at Zwilling

6. A handy knife sharpener for your new Zwilling Pro

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (5)

(Video) 5 Best Kitchen Knife Sets You Can Buy In 2022

If you buy some of the top-rated knives on this list, consider investing in a knife sharpener to keep them in tip-top shape. The Zwilling Edge Maintenance Knife Sharpening Tool ranked third in our roundup of the best knife sharpeners, and our reviewer noted that its small size and right-hand and left-hand compatible grip make it a standout. practical addition to your kitchen.

$30 at Zwilling

7. A serrated bread knife

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (6)

Baking bread is still part of your personal arsenal of hobbies and interests? If so, you might want to take a look at the Miyabi Kaizen Bread Knife. We would have ranked it higher in our roundup of the best serrated knives, but the price somewhat belies the knife’s quality compared to others we’ve tested. However, if you are buying someone with expensive tastes in their cooking kit, you can be assured of its beautiful blade and smooth performance.

$180 at Zwilling

8. A milk frother with over 850 five-star reviews

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (7)

If you want barista-quality coffee in the morning, a milk frother will help up your game. You can use the Zwilling Finallyigy Milk Frother to create hot or cold foam or froth using two attachments different. Reviewers recommended Afinigy for its modern, sleek design and sturdy build.

$100 at Zwilling

9. A handy paring knife

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (8)

(Video) ANOTHER STAUB UNBOXING! | What would it be? | A 20% discount to shop at ZWILLING! | Pineapple knob

Paring knives are another kitchen staple, ideal for precision cuts. The Zwilling Four Star 4 inch paring knife is a perfect addition to your cutlery collection, made of corrosion resistant, ice hardened stainless steel. Reviewers were impressed with the comfortable grip and durable edge of the Four Star.

$50 at Zwilling

10. An elegant Miyabi chef’s knife

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (9)

Miyabi, another brand under the Zwilling umbrella, also offers high-quality chef’s knives, such as the Miyabi Kaizen II. The ice-hardened blade features a Damascus pattern and 48 layers of steel in total. Reviewers were impressed with the sleek look and comfortable handle of the Kaizen II – several reviewers noted that the Kaizen II required less maintenance than other knives they had used.

$180 at Zwilling

11. A glass casserole dish

Get all the benefits of our favorite round dutch oven, with increased visibility. The Staub cocotte with glass lid will allow you to follow your recipe over time. The casserole comes in seven different colors and retains heat for long periods of time. Over 500 reviewers gave the Glass Lid Dutch Oven five stars, noting that the large lid prevents evaporation during cooking.

$100 at Zwilling

12. Staub’s response to the Always Pan

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (11)

(Video) MieleLive presents: Zwilling J.A. Henckels

Staub has its own Everyday Pan to rival TikTok’s famous Always Pan in the Daily Pan, a glass-lidded enameled cast iron pan designed to do it all, whether you’re sautéing, frying, steaming, braising or browned. The pan is available in five different colors and is also oven safe up to 500°F in case you need to finish anything on the stovetop.

$180 at Zwilling

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (12)

As we mentioned, paring knives are an essential kitchen tool, and Zwilling has plenty of options. If you’re looking for professional-grade knives, reviewers recommend taking a look at the Zwilling Pro 4-inch Knife, which is made from Sigmaforge stainless steel. Over 500 customers have given the Pro 4-Inch Paring Knife five stars for its slim, versatile design and sharp blade.

$60 at Zwilling

14. A wok-style double-handled skillet

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (13)

Fry, sauté, steam and roast your way with the Staub Perfect Pan. With steep, flared sides and a removable semi-circle wire rack, the Glass Top Casserole is designed to be used in many different cooking scenarios. More than 500 reviewers gave the Perfect Pan five stars, and several buyers noted that the addition of the drip tray made it excellent for frying and frying.

$310 at Zwilling

15. Adorable Mini Dutch Ovens

15 top-rated kitchen products from Zwilling: Shop Staub, Henckels (14)

(Video) Zwilling Spirit Cookware Demonstration by J.A. Henckels

If presentation is your favorite part of cooking, look no further. These tiny, wonderful mini Dutch ovens are perfect for serving individual portions of any meal or dessert you’re preparing, and have many of the same features as their larger Staub counterparts. Mini Dutch ovens are recommended by reviewers for their excellent heat distribution.

$85 at Zwilling

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Prices were accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time.


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