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Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】 - Smoke Kitchen (1)We hope you will agree with us when we say:

Differentiating between two identical types of meat is quite difficult.

Most people have trouble finding the difference between striploin vs sirloin. You might find hundreds of different answers if you were to search about it online. This can confuse many of us as many sources claim that they are the same thing. This is true in some parts of the world as striploin and sirloin is the name of the same piece of steak; however, in the US, striploin is more commonly identified as the New York Strip. The United States has a different name for striploin, hence causing all the confusion. That being said, the steaks both have different characteristics and qualities to them. In this article, we will be comparing the two cuts of meats and seeing how they compare to each other in terms of every aspect you should know about.

Striploin vs Sirloin: The Basics

The steak commonly referred to as striploin or the New York Strip is a piece of meat that is carved from the upper section of the sirloin that is located around the ribs of the cow. This may make you think that the striploin itself sounds identical to sirloin, and you would be correct. As we find out more, you will realize that all New York striploin steaks are sirloin but not all of the sirloin steak is the same as the New York strip. As it turns out, Sirloin is actually a broader term that is used to refer to any steak that was carved from the sirloin section (image below for reference). The rule that is generally known by meat lovers is that top sirloin is much more versatile and can be used for different dishes while striploin has a much more dense flavor.

Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】 - Smoke Kitchen (2)

What is Striploin?

Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】 - Smoke Kitchen (3)The meat that has been cut from the upper sirloin portion of the cow or cattle is known as the striploin. This is found exactly behind the ribs of the cow. The striploin is known to be tastier than the regular sirloin because it is chopped from the edge of the cow’s back. That part of the cow has a more delicate texture to it with an enriched buttery flavor. Most people also prefer striploin not only because of the flavor enhancement but also because it does not have as high of fat content as in ribeye. What they fail to realize is that striploin contains more fat content than sirloin steaks.

However, the new york steak definitely makes up for it as it is usually sold boneless. Meaning you can save your time and put it to better use. Moreover, if you like your Angus striploin steak with bones, it is definitely possible to find bone-in cuts. What this does is provide the meat with even more flavor than before. Meat lovers are sure to appreciate this extra bit of flavorful add-on.

Note: With the bone-in Striploin steak, it may be known as “Kansas City Steak” instead of the “New York Strip”.

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What is Sirloin?

When we talk about Sirloin, it is an area located on the rear end of the cattle that are found from the center of the animal to just before the rear legs. It has been divided up into two known segments called the upper and bottom sirloin. The top sirloin is a pricier piece of meat with a tender and smooth texture. The upper sirloin is used in expensive restaurants to cook steaks and is the favorite American grilling steak loved by thousands. It is found far away from the hoof of the steer compared to the bottom sirloin that is closer.

The bottom sirloin section tends to be much more affordable in terms of price and seems to be a larger piece of steak than the upper sirloin. This type of beef sirloin steak is used to cook cheap steaks that have been pounded out or tenderized to make them better tasting. It is also used by professionals in slower cooking methods to make sure the connective tissue can be taken advantage of which is otherwise extremely difficult in the top sirloin.

In short, Sirloin is a large cut of meat that has many different types of steaks originating from it. Examples of this are Filet Mignon, tenderloin, NY strip, KC striploin, T-Bone, or Porterhouse. Sirloin is just a general term while striploin refers to a specific part of the sirloin.

Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】 - Smoke Kitchen (4)

Striploin vs Sirloin: Comparison

Now that you know everything about these delicious pieces of steak, let’s compare both of them and find out what the main differences and similarities are. We will be breaking down every aspect and then deciding upon a winner based on those statistics to make it easier for you.

Striploin vs Sirloin Comparison Chart:

Here we have compiled a comparison chart for you to take a look at that summarizes everything we have mentioned below. We have given our reasoning to our choices down below in detail.

Easier To Cook

Easier to cook/grill:

Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】 - Smoke Kitchen (5)When it comes to grilling a steak, you always want one that can save you time and is not too difficult to grill. Striploin is generally considered to be extremely easy to grill if you have some prior experience. This is because they do not contain as much fat content as other parts of the sirloin such as the ribeye. Meaning the steak is not likely to drip fat and cause any flare-ups. Flare-ups are bad for the steak because they can cause the steak to char.

Striploin or the New York strip is also known to be much leaner than other parts such as the T-bone. The leanness prevents the cook from having to cook the steak for too long as it can dry up the steak or in some cases make it rougher and tougher to dig into. As a result, not much care needs to be taken care of the steak when grilling it. This is why most cooks prefer it over the other parts of the sirloin. You can learn more about how to cook a striploin steak here.

Winner: Striploin

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You obviously need to be considerate of your bank balance when purchasing a steak. This is why the affordability of the steak in the new york steak vs sirloin debate matters a lot. When it comes to the price, Striploin steaks are in much higher demand as they are known to be more flavorful than sirloin. The price is also high because of the tender cut of the meat with much more marbling possessed by Striploin steaks. As a result of this, sirloin steaks are much more affordable in comparison to the high-fat New York Striploin.

The average cost of the top sirloin ranges from 5 to 10 dollars per pound, while a Striploin will run you around 15 dollars per pound.

Winner: Sirloin


When it comes to the flavor, the New York strip or the sirloin definitely takes the cake. Due to the marbling, Striploin knocks the other competitors straight out of the part. It has an overpowering yet elegant flavor that is perfect for grilling. Furthermore, you can also buy the Striploin steak with bone-in to give it that extra meaty flavor if you are an expert at cooking it.

That is not to say that Sirloin are not great steaks. Top sirloin in specific has great taste but it does need to be marinated first before it reveals its true colors. This is because of the leanness of the meat itself. If you are a health-conscious eater, the top sirloin is the way to go in the striploin vs top sirloin discussion.

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Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】 - Smoke Kitchen (6)The versatility of a steak is important as you should be able to experiment with your steak. That being said, the New York strip is the way to go. It has a delicious taste of its own. But when served with scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or as a brunch dish with fries, it truly blossoms. You can even make rolled meat dishes with it such as a Sicilian meat roll.

On the other hand, the Sirloin steak puts up a tough competition. These steaks are more chewer hence they can be used in everything from tacos to stir-fries. One disadvantage to Sirloin is that it cannot be served as an appetizer. However, you can craft some amazing dishes with this such as hamburgers, shish kebab, and more.

Winner: Sirloin

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What Is The Best Kind of Steak?

The best kind of steak depends upon what you enjoy. If you like steak that is luxurious but has high-fat content, you should consider Striploin. The Striploin is about as good as it gets as it is well-marbled, flavorful, and most of all expensive. However, if you would rather go for something more affordable and learn while also providing satisfaction and a good steak-eating experience, go for the Sirloin. Sirloin is a generally better choice due to the time that can be saved not having to hover over the grill to prevent the steak from charing.

Striploin vs Sirloin 【Differences Explained 2022】 - Smoke Kitchen (7)

Bobby Flay

Hey there! i am Bobby Flay, an American celebrity chef,restaurateur, and reality television personality. I am the owner and executive chef of several restaurants across 11 states. And so, i’ve decided to share some of my expertise by reviewing and rating multiple different products and equipment i’ve used and loved over the years, so you at home, can get the best products by professional advise.


Is Striploin better than sirloin? ›

Sirloin is chewier and more flavorful than tenderloin, but tender enough to benefit from high-heat cooking methods like grilling. The distinguishing characteristic is the fact that New York strip steak contains more marbling, and tends to be pricier as a result.

Is sirloin steak good smoked? ›

Top sirloin is lean, tender and a good beefy flavor that works well in the smoker. I found these at Costco (where I purchase some of the meat that I cook) but if you have trouble finding it, you can also purchase tri-tip and cut it into thick steaks that are 1.5 to 2 inches thick.

Is loin or sirloin better? ›

The Boneless Top Sirloin is more tender and juicy than the round, but it's not quite as tender as the Top Loin and Tenderloin because it's on the hip and involved in walking. The Top Sirloin is a great steak, and we also fashion it into small Butcher's Heart Roasts (as tender as a butcher's heart, get it?).

Is Striploin the same as sirloin? ›

The Differences between New York Strip and Sirloin

A New York strip is made from the prime rib cut of beef, while a sirloin steak is made from the round cut of beef. The New York strip is leaner and has more flavor than the sirloin steak.

What is Striploin good for? ›

Strip steak is from the short loin of the cow (the portion of the back behind the ribcage), and is sold either boneless or bone-in. This moderately expensive cut is prized for its excellent marbling and bold beef flavour. Best used for: Pan searing, grilling, steak salad.

What steak is the least chewy? ›

Tenderloin, which is where the filet mignon steak comes from, is the least chewy steak. It is delicate, lean, tender, and has a butter-like texture. It does very little work, so it never has a chance to get tough and fibrous.

How long does it take to smoke sirloin? ›

Smoke the sirloin 45 to 1 hour per pound; smoke the sirloin closer to 45 minutes if you want medium-rare to medium, and closer to 1 hour if you want medium to well done. Medium-rare sirloin will be a bit more tender than well done, but not much, so your cook time mostly depends on how smoky you want your meat.

How long does it take to smoke a steak at 225? ›

Smoke your cut of choice at 225 degrees F for about 45 mins to 1 hour, or until it's almost at your desired doneness.

What's a good beef to smoke? ›

When it comes to choosing the most popular beef cut for smoking in a smoker, beef brisket wins hands down. Beef brisket provides you with everything you'd expect from a good, quality cut. Brisket comes from the breast section of the animal and although it's tough meat, it's known for its tenderness and flavor.

Why is loin sirloin preferable in steak? ›

The loin sits below the backbone; because this area gets less exercise than other parts of the animal, the loin is the source of some of the best cuts of meat for a juicy, tender steak.

What is the most flavorful steak? ›

The rib eye is the ultimate steak-lover's steak. It's the most flavorful cut of the animal, and comes with very rich marbling, which provides superior taste when cooked. The cut itself comes from the rib section, where it gets its name.

Which cut of steak is the most tender? ›

Considered the most tender cut of all, a filet mignon is taken from the center of the beef tenderloin. It is lean yet delivers a melt-in-your mouth, buttery succulence. Perfect for grilling, pan-searing and broiling in the oven. Available in several weights, a filet is perfect for 1 person.

Is Striploin good for BBQ? ›

A Rib Eye steak is cut from the Prime Rib and has the perfect combination of flavour (due to fat marbling) and tenderness. Other great steaks for grilling, by order of tenderness, are Tenderloin, T-Bone, New York Striploin, and Top Sirloin.

What is another name for striploin steak? ›

Other names for the Striploin include Strip, New York Strip, or if the bone is left on, Wing Steak or Club Steak. Synonyms for Tenderloin include Fillet, Filet Mignon, Chateaubriand, Tournedos, Medallions, or Filet de Boeuf.

Is beef striploin steak tender? ›

Striploin steak is one of the most flavoursome steaks and its almost as tender as fillet, cut from the middle so you got more prim meat for your money. It has a distinctive fat coverage running along the outside allowing the steak to remain juicy during cooking.

Are striploin steaks tough? ›

It is very tough and will easily spoil a great backyard barbecue dinner. Most striploins will cut on average 10 to 12 regular sized steaks.

Does striploin steak need to be marinated? ›

Marinade is a Flavor Enhancer

Flavor enhancement is the only reason to marinate your steaks before grilling. Contrary to popular belief, marinating your meat is not a tenderizing method. Soaking your meat in acidic liquids does not tenderize the meat to any great degree.

Is striploin the same as New York Strip? ›

The strip steak is also known as striploin, shell steak, Delmonico, New York or Kansas City strip steak. Cut from the strip loin part of the sirloin, the strip steak consists of a muscle that does little work, and it is particularly tender.

Why is my sirloin tough? ›

Additionally, overcooking meat, even meat that comes from the more tender muscles, can make it tough. That's because heat causes the proteins in the meat to firm up. Overcooking also basically squeezes the moisture out of the meat, making it dry as well as tough.

Why can't I chew steak? ›

A properly cooked steak with high fat content is always tender and easy to chew. On the other hand, lean steak cuts that come from dense muscles and have little to no fat tend to be much tougher and chewier when cooked. These steak cuts might require additional preparation before cooking.

What temperature do you smoke a sirloin roast? ›

Set up your smoker for 250°F using Premium Hunter's Blend Bisquettes or another bisquette of choice. Lay the roast on a smoker rack and smoke for about 2½ – 3 hours, or until medium rare, with an internal temperature of 145°F. Remove the roast from the smoker and let rest for 10 minutes. Slice and serve.

Is a sirloin tip roast good for smoking? ›

This smoked sirloin tip roast is quite lean, but if you can find one with a good bit of marbling and you smoke it nice and slow then it will reward you with tenderness and a flavor that will make you want to slap a relative …

What temp is medium-rare sirloin? ›

Medium Rare (130°-140°F)

A “medium rare” steak will be warm in the center. The steak will begin firming up on the exterior, but will remain very soft and tender in the center. A small ring of pink will begin developing around the edge, but the steak will still be primarily red in the center.

Do you flip steaks in a smoker? ›

Small cuts of meat will undoubtedly cook faster than larger pieces. If need be, we recommend flipping smaller cuts only once, preferably halfway through cooking. Larger cuts will need at least more than one flip to result in tender and juicy pieces of meat.

How can I make my steak juicy and tender? ›

How to Turn Cheap Beef Into Tender, Juicy Steak - YouTube

How do you know when smoked meat is done? ›

Controlling Temperature

Meat smoking is best in the range of 200 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. To be safe, most meats need to be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees and poultry to 165 degrees. However, to get real tender barbecue you want a higher final temperature, say around 180 degrees.

What is the hardest meat to smoke? ›

What is the hardest meat to smoke? Brisket is the holy grail of smoking. Everyone from competitive cooks to dedicated pit masters and barbecue enthusiasts agree that beef brisket is the hardest meat to get right.

What is the most tender beef to smoke? ›

Top Sirloin.

This cut is also affordable and has a rich beef flavor. Smoking sirloin steak is great for beginners because the cut is easy to smoke and is tender if done right.

Which steak is best for smoking? ›

For the best-smoked steaks, choose cuts on the thicker end (around 1.5 inches). At a typical butcher counter, these options include ribeye, tenderloin, or New York strip steaks. If the steak is too thin, such as skirt steak, it'll reach doneness without retaining the flavor of the smoke.

Is sirloin steak good for grilling? ›

Sirloin Steaks can also be called boneless top sirloin steak, or center-cut steak. These cuts will be lean but still have great tenderness and beefy flavor. They are great to grill and roast.

Which is the tastiest part of beef? ›

Tenderloin. You might know the Tenderloin Steak as a “Filet Mignon.” It is considered the most tender steak, which helps explain why it's so popular. You can cook this tasty cut in a cast iron skillet, on the grill or under the broiler. Tenderloin Roast is similarly tender and carves up beautifully for dinner.

What are the best steaks in order? ›

The best cuts of beef for steak
  • Scotch fillet. Australian name: Scotch fillet or rib fillet. ...
  • Eye fillet. Australian name: Eye fillet. ...
  • Sirloin. Australian name: Sirloin or Porterhouse. ...
  • Rump. Australian name: Rump. ...
  • T-Bone. Other names: Porterhouse (if the fillet is larger) ...
  • Oyster Blade. American name: Florentine steak. ...
  • Chuck. ...
  • Sizzle.
Feb 4, 2020

What is the 2nd most tender steak? ›

The Flat Iron steak comes from the chuck subprimal of the animal, and is the second most tender cut after the tenderloin. It's often considered to be an ultra-tender alternative to the ribeye.

What are the three most tender cuts of beef? ›

Famously tender cuts like filet mignon, prime rib, and porterhouse steak may need very little additional seasoning, but hanger steak and flat iron steak can be just as delicious with the help of marinades.

Is top sirloin steak tough? ›

Is top sirloin steak tough? Top sirloin steak is a versatile cut but when cooked wrong it can be result in a tough and chewy bite. The important thing is to not overcook the top sirloin. We recommend sous vide the steak first, then finish it with a hot sear - basting it with butter.

How long do you BBQ Striploin? ›

Cook your steak for 4 to 5 minutes on each side for medium and 5 to 6 minutes on each side for a well-done striploin steak. Overall, from the start of preparation to the end of cooking, it will take around 45 to 50 minutes to prepare and cook your steak.

How do you BBQ a perfect Striploin? ›

Place steaks on the grill and cook until golden brown and slightly charred, 4 to 5 minutes. Flip steaks and continue to grill 3 to 5 minutes for medium-rare (internal temp. of 135 degrees F), 5 to 7 minutes for medium (140 degrees F) or 8 to 10 minutes for medium-well (150 degrees F).

How do you tenderize a striploin steak? ›

Beat each side with a meat mallet. Use the side with the spikes on it. This step alone will tenderize the meat. The plastic wrap will keep the meat out of the nooks of the meat mallet, which will make it easier to clean later on.

What steak is the toughest? ›

Meat tends to get tougher as you radiate out from the tenderloin, with the rib and loin containing the most tender cuts, and the shank, round, flank, plate, chuck, and brisket—areas that work hard to walk, graze, and support the cow's weight—generally housing the toughest cuts.

Is a New York strip steak a sirloin? ›

The strip steak, also called a New York strip or a Kansas City strip steak (USA), or a sirloin steak (AU/NZ), is a cut of beef steaks from the short loin. It consists of a muscle that does little work, the longissimus, making the meat particularly tender, though not as tender as the nearby rib eye or tenderloin.

Is Striploin the same as Tenderloin? ›

The striploin steak is the perfect middle ground between the tenderloin and ribeye steak. It is tender, but still juicy and has a stronger 'beefy' flavour, despite having drastically less marbling than the ribeye.

What temperature do you cook striploin steak? ›

That's why they make good steaks: they can cook quickly and don't need to be heated to collagen-melting temperatures to make them chewable. That's why they're so tasty medium-rare or medium—130–135°F (54–57°C) or 135–145°F (57–63°C).

Which has more fat striploin or Ribeye? ›

The main difference between a ribeye and a NY strip is that the ribeye has more internal marbling or fat. The New York Strip has a thick band of fat running down one side that you can't really eat. The Ribeye is a great choice if you are looking for a tender steak with plenty of flavor and a buttery smooth texture.

What is the most tender steak? ›

Considered the most tender cut of all, a filet mignon is taken from the center of the beef tenderloin. It is lean yet delivers a melt-in-your mouth, buttery succulence. Perfect for grilling, pan-searing and broiling in the oven. Available in several weights, a filet is perfect for 1 person.

Is Striploin good for steak? ›

A striploin steak is the perfect middle ground between the tenderloin and ribeye steak. It boasts a melt-in-your-mouth texture experience, but is still juicy and has a potently 'beefy' flavour.

Which part of beef is the most delicious? ›

Tenderloin. You might know the Tenderloin Steak as a “Filet Mignon.” It is considered the most tender steak, which helps explain why it's so popular. You can cook this tasty cut in a cast iron skillet, on the grill or under the broiler. Tenderloin Roast is similarly tender and carves up beautifully for dinner.

Is sirloin the worst steak? ›

Ranked from best cut of steak to worst are the Filet Steak, the Ribeye Steak, the Hanger Steak, the Porterhouse steak, the T-Bone Steak, the top sirloin, the strip steak, the bottom sirloin steak, the flank steak, the skirt steak and the round steak.

What is the 2nd most tender steak? ›

The Flat Iron steak comes from the chuck subprimal of the animal, and is the second most tender cut after the tenderloin. It's often considered to be an ultra-tender alternative to the ribeye.

What are the three most tender cuts of beef? ›

Famously tender cuts like filet mignon, prime rib, and porterhouse steak may need very little additional seasoning, but hanger steak and flat iron steak can be just as delicious with the help of marinades.

What steak is best for BBQ? ›

Best beef cuts to BBQ
  • Steaks. A juicy steak is a crowd-pleaser at any summer barbecue. ...
  • Sirloin. Sirloin steak, cut from between the fillet and the rib, has the perfect balance of flavour and tenderness – making it a popular choice for barbecuing. ...
  • Ribeye. ...
  • Beef mince. ...
  • Brisket. ...
  • Top rump.


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